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  • Dr. Scott D. Peckham is a senior research scientist at INSTAAR. His research interests include physically-based mathematical and numerical modeling, watershed-scale hydrologic systems, source-to-sink sediment transport, scaling analysis, differential geometry, theoretical geomorphology, grid-based computational methods, efficient computer algorithms and fluvial landscape evolution models. Scott has authored numerous open-source models including a spatial hydrologic model called TopoFlow and a fluvial landscape evolution model called Erode. In recent years his interests have included advanced cyber-infrastructure and metadata for models (e.g. Scientific Variables Ontology, Basic Model Interface, TopoFlow, EMELI and EMELI-Web modeling frameworks) with funding from the NSF EarthCube program and the DARPA World Modelers program.


  • spatially distributed hydrologic models, fluvial landscape evolution models, scaling analysis, differential geometry, efficient computer algorithms, component-based modeling, cyber-infrastructure


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