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Dexter, Jason A

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  • Prof. Dexter's research group studies the accretion process onto black holes, in order to understand how they grow and to develop tests of strong field general relativity. They make detailed predictions for the appearance of resolved black hole images and movies, explore new models of the luminous accretion disks in quasars, and analyze and interpret long baseline interferometry data.


  • Black hole astrophysics, accretion disks, radiative transfer, MHD, quasars, general relativity, compact objects, transients, interferometry


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courses taught

  • ASTR 2030 - Black Holes
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Fall 2023
    Black holes are one of the most bizarre phenomena of nature. Students are introduced to the predicted properties of black holes, astronomical evidence for their existence and formation, and modern ideas about space, time, and gravity.
  • ASTR 3400 - Research Methods in Astronomy
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2022 / Fall 2023
    Introduces research methods in astronomy and engages students in an active research project. The research projects will vary and may include astronomical observations, data analysis, scientific programming, theoretical models and statistical inference. As part of their research, students will read scientific papers, attend local seminars and prepare oral and written research proposals and reports. Elective for ASTR majors.
  • ASTR 3730 - Astrophysics 1 - Stellar and Interstellar
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020 / Fall 2021 / Fall 2022
    Provides a quantitative introduction to the radiative and gravitational physics relevant to stellar and galactic astrophysics, as applied to understanding observations of tars, stellar evolution, stellar remnants and the structure of the Milky Way. Elective for APS major and minor.
  • ASTR 5710 - High-Energy Astrophysics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2021 / Spring 2023
    Studies astrophysics of UV, x-ray, gamma-ray and cosmic-ray sources, including fundamentals of radiative and particle processes, neutron stars, black holes, pulsars, quasars, supernovas and their remnants; stellar flares; accretion disks; binary x-ray sources; and other cosmic x-ray sources. Department enforced prerequisite: senior level undergraduate physics.


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