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Cogswell, Carol

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  • Professor Cogswell's long-term research has been in optics and digital signal processing aimed primarily at improving optical microscopes for biological imaging applications. Research areas include development of novel engineered point spread functions and nonlinear processing applied to high resolution microscopes for super-resolution of continuous objects in all three dimensions. In 2023, Prof. Cogswell continued to work on an additional line of research inquiry that focuses on the climate crisis by establishing multi-disciplinary collaborations to seek sustainable solutions that benefit the Boulder community and beyond.


  • optical microscopy, signal and image processing, instrumentation development, optical imaging theory, 3D microscopy, live-cell biological imaging, computational optics, adaptive optics, super-resolution imaging microscopy, quantitative phase imaging microscopy, extended depth of field microscopy, point spread function engineering, linear and nonlinear signal processing, fluorescence microscopy, climate change resilience, environmental justice


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