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Ruzzene, Massimo

Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and Dean of the Institutes, Professor and Slade Endowed Professor


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  • Professor Ruzzene’s group investigates elastic wave propagation in complex solid and acoustic media. Of these, of particular interest are periodic assemblies often denoted as ‘phononic crystals’ or ‘metamaterials’. He also studies active and passive strategies for the control of vibrations through the application of smart materials, and the determination of structural configurations with inherent vibration attenuation characteristics. A variety of techniques for vibration reduction and self-noise mitigation have been applied to underwater vehicles and supercavitating torpedoes, to mitigate interior noise in rotorcraft, and to minimize vibrations of rotorblades or of rotating machinery.


  • metamaterials, wave propagation, vibrations, structural dynamics, structural health monitoring, active and passive vibration control


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