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  • Dr. Clow’s research focuses on high-precision temperature measurement, analysis, and modeling to better understand processes in cold earth & planetary systems. His research focuses on climate-change detection, both past and present, the environmental conditions controlling various features of the cryosphere (e.g., permafrost, ice-covered lakes, cryovolcanoes), and the response of those features to climate change. In support of these investigations, he has done extensive field work in Antarctica, Greenland, and arctic Alaska. Dr. Clow is responsible for the development of the DOI/GTN-P Deep Borehole and Surface-Monitoring Arrays for climate-change detection in arctic Alaska. Modeling studies range from the earth's polar regions to Mars and the outer solar system.


  • thermal geophysics, cryosphere, permafrost, ice sheets, climate change detection, borehole paleothermometry


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