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Biddy, Quentin L.

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  • Dr. Quentin Biddy is a Research Associate in the Institute of Cognitive Science. He is currently working with the iHUB and Schoolwide Labs projects researching and developing open source resources to support high school and middle school science teachers transitioning to Phenomena-Driven, Three-Dimensional Learning and assessment aligned to the NGSS. Through his work with the Schoolwide labs project, he is focusing on supporting middle school science teachers intentionally integrating Computational Thinking Practices into students’ learning experiences through co-designed CT integrated NGSS aligned storylines. His research/work experience and interests focus on effective science learning and teaching, Phenomena-Driven learning, NGSS aligned 3D Learning and formative assessment, CT integration, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, teacher professional learning, and the Nature of Science and History of Science in science education. My focus is on SchoolWide Lab


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