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  • One aspect of Dr. Romatschke's research focuses on the theoretical description of ultrarelatistic heavy-ion collisions as performed at experiments at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider (RHIC) or the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), with the aim of getting a better understanding of the theory of strong interactions (Quantum Chromodynamics). Dr. Romatschke's expertise lies in using relativistic hydrodynamics to describe these systems, with the aim of extracting of material parameters such as shear and bulk viscosities of high temperature Quantum Chromodynamics. Complementary to this effort, Dr. Romatschke is studying efficient algorithms for relativistic fluid dynamics that can have applications in other fields, such as astrophysics. Another aspect of Dr. Romatschke's work focuses on using analytical Quantum Chromodynamics calculations to predict properties of neutron stars, such as their masses and radii.


  • high energy nuclear physics, relativistic hydrodynamics, physics of neutron stars, unitary fermi gas, quantum field theory


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  • PHYS 5770 - Gravitational Theory (Theory of General Relativity)
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2019 / Spring 2021 / Spring 2022 / Spring 2023
    Presents Einstein's relativistic theory of gravitation from geometric viewpoint; gives applications to astrophysical problems (gravitational waves, stellar collapse, etc.). Recommended prerequisites: PHYS 3220 and PHYS 3320. Instructor consent required for undergraduates.
  • PHYS 7270 - Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 3
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2020 / Fall 2021 / Fall 2022
    Radiation theory; relativistic wave equations with simple applications; introduction to field theory and second quantization.
  • PHYS 7280 - Advanced Quantum Theory
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Quantum theory of fields, elementary particles, symmetry laws, and topics of special interest. Recommended prerequisite: PHYS 7270 or instructor consent required.


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