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Le Masurier, Wesley E



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  • I am an igneous petrologist/volcanologist specializing in the study of Cenozoic volcanoes of Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica. My work includes studying the origin and evolution of Cenozoic volcanic rocks, the nature of the tectonic environment of volcanism, and the volcanic record of glacial history. Present work focuses on the origin of the felsic rocks, i.e. pantellerites, comendites, trachytes, and phonolites formed over the past 15 million years, and on traces of a pre-Cenozoic subduction-related geochemical signature in the chemistry of Neogene basaltic rocks.


  • Petrology, Origin and evolution of pantellerite, comendite, phonolite, and trachyte volcanoes,geochemistry of Marie Byrd Land basalts and relationship to tectonic environment Tectonics, relationships between tectonics and volcanism in a continental rift environment, Polar Sciences, volcanism and tectonics in the West Antarctic rift system, Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica, Volcanology, volcanic record of glacial history in Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica


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