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Rajaram, Harihar

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Dr. Rajaram's research focuses on mathematical modeling of complex transport phenomena in earth and environmental systems. His current research covers three broad themes - (i) environmental impacts of subsurface energy exploration - including hydraulic fracturing and induced seismicity, (ii) biogeochemical response of alpine and montane regions to climate change, and (iii) glaciology, glacier hydrology and thermodynamics. His research emphasizes the development of first-principles based numerical models of coupled phenomena. His areas of expertise include - single and multi-phase flow and transport in porous media and fractured rock, reactive transport in subsurface environments, and glacier and ice sheet modeling.


  • Fluid Flow and Transport Phenomena in earth and environmental systems Glacier dynamics, thermodynamics and hydrology Reactive Transport and Coupled Processes in subsurface environments


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  • CVEN 3313 - Theoretical Fluid Mechanics
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018
    Basic principles of fluid mechanic. Covers fluid properties, hydrostatics, fluid flow concepts, including continuity, energy, momentum, dimensional analysis and similitude and flow in closed conduits. Same as CHEN 3200 and MCEN 3021.


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