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Hirshfield, Leanne M

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  • Dr. Hirshfield’s research explores the use of non-invasive brain measurement to passively classify users’ social, cognitive, and affective states in order to enhance usability testing and adaptive system design. She focuses her research on individual and team-level performance. Hirshfield works primarily with functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), a relatively new non-invasive brain imaging device that is safe, portable, robust to noise, which can be implemented wirelessly; making it ideal for research in human-computer interaction. The high density fNIRS equipment in Hirshfield’s lab provides rich spatio-temporal data that is well suited as input into deep neural networks and other advanced machine learning algorithms. A primary tenet of Hirshfield’s machine learning research involves building and labeling large cross-participant, cross-task fNIRS training datasets in order to build robust and generalizable models that can generalize to ecologically valid settings.


  • functional near-infrared spectroscopy, brain-computer interaction, human-computer interaction, trust, affect, human information processing, adaptive systems, artificial intelligence, team science, collaborative problem solving, machine learning, brain-computer interfaces


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