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  • Saltus is working with other members of the CIRES/GEOMAG team on an update to the EMAG2 global magnetic anomaly compilation. The goal is to improve the resolution and reliability of the compilation to improve its applicability to geologic and tectonic interpretation. Saltus is also a member of the joint State Department/NOAA/USGS effort to map and describe the extent of the United States Extended Continental Shelf according to the definitions in the United Nations’ Law of the Sea, Article 76. His role includes geophysical interpretation and characterization as a part of the Arctic Integrated Regional Team as well as coordinator of ECS Documentation Preparation within the Boulder-based Project Office. He is also compiling a new aeromagnetic compilation for Alaska to replace the previous digital compilation released in 1999.


  • magnetic field mapping, citizen science, magnetic anomaly interpretation, law of the sea continental shelf mapping, global magnetic anomaly models, gravity anomaly interpretation, potential field geophysics


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