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Brasseur, James G.

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  • Dr. Brasseur pursues two research tracts: (1) the study of turbulence physics, turbulent combustion, atmospheric boundary layer (ABL) dynamics and wind turbines using direct and large-eddy simulation (LES), and (2) physiology, mechanics and medicine of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and drug delivery. Area (1) includes nonlinear turbulence interscale dynamics with/without chemistry, turbulent shear flow and modulation by polymer additives, turbulence dynamics of the lower troposphere, fundamentals of LES. Dr. Brasseur lead a DOE effort to develop HPC models of nonsteady wind turbine response to atmospheric turbulence. Area (2) integrates neurophysiology and mechanical function to advance clinical diagnostics in GI medicine. Dr. Brasseur couples muscle-fluid motions, mixing and absorption using mathematical modeling, lattice-Boltzmann computer models and physiological data analysis. These methods are currently applied to analyze drug dissolution and absorption in vivo vs. in vitro.


  • Turbulence physics, turbulent flows, turbulent combustion, Geophysical turbulence, micro mesoscale meteorology, large-eddy and direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows, wind energy and wind turbine dynamics, computational fluid dynamics and high-performance computing, biofluid dynamics, muscle mechanics, physiology and mechanics of gastro-intestinal function, pharmaceutical transport, dissolution, bioequivalence and absorption in the GI tract, image analysis, scientific visualization


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