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  • My research between NREL and the University of Colorado, Boulder through the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Institute (RASEI) partnership involves the metabolic engineering and study of a wide variety of microbes. Current and previous areas of interest include: 1) the study of hydrogenases in cyanobacteria(collaboration with Pin-Ching Maness, NREL); 2) engineering of improved H2 and CO2 uptake in a chemolithoautotrophic soil microbe for improvement of fatty acid production (collaboration with OPX Biotechnologies); 3) development of genomic screening technologies to select changes that improve production of ethylene and isobutanol in E. coli (collaboration with Ryan Gill & Rob Knight (CU, Boulder) & Adam Arkin (LBNL)), and 4) Development of the Center for Biodesign Works (founded by Ryan Gill) as Director of Operations. I am exploring future opportunities to utilize methods developed by the Gill lab to collaborate with others interested in their application for HTP genome editing.


  • microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, metabolic engineering, synthetic biology


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