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Fang, Xiaohua

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  • (1) On the Mars-solar wind interaction study, my research interests include pickup ion transport, acceleration, and escape, the impact of precipitating energetic particles on atmospheric composition and energetics, perturbation in the plasma environment due to external forcing (including solar-cycle and seasonal variations of solar radiation, solar flares, CMEs, SEPs) and internal forcing (including crustal magnetic anomalies, dust storms, tidal waves). (2) On the energetic particle impact study at Earth, my research interests include the global distributions and the resulting effects of precipitating energetic electrons, protons, and oxygen ions on the Earth’s ionosphere/atmosphere, particularly on ionization and conductivity enhancement. The central focus of the research is on investigating the responses of the terrestrial ionosphere- magnetosphere-atmosphere systems to space weather and magnetic storm events, including solar flares, CMEs, SEPs.


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