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Rudolph, Johannes

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  • Dr. Rudolph is an enzymologist who solves interesting and difficult questions related to the mechanism and function of enzymes towards a better understanding of biological processes. At CU, Dr. Rudolph has worked with Dr. Copley (MCDB and CIRES) to better understand the mechanism by which the toxic compound pentachlorophenol is degraded by soil bacteria. Specifically, he is studying how the first two enzymes in the degradation pathway collaborate to prevent the release of a highly toxic and reactive intermediate. Insights into how new metabolic pathways arise through evolutionary processes are being gained. Dr. Rudolph has also worked with Dr. Ahn (BioFrontiers) on characterizing the interactions of tight-binding inhibitors of the protein kinase Erk2, a validated target for anti-cancer drugs.


  • enzyme kinetics, enzyme reaction mechanisms, protein purification, stopped-flow kinetics, rapid reaction kinetics


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