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Carey, Cindy

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Dr. Carey's research focuses on physiological ecology of animals. Particularly, she has been conducting research on the interactions between a chytrid fungal pathogen, Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis, and amphibians, especially boreal toads. After researching the effects on mortality of boreal toads of temperature, hydric and other environmental factors, she is now concentrating how infection by Bd causes downregulation of critical genes involved in immune responses and how bacterial and fungal fauna on amphibian skin may or not play a role in defense against this pathogen. Additionally, she is involved in research involving how climate changes are impacting avian migration and other factors in their life cycle.


  • comparative physiology, physiological adaptations of birds to high altitudes and climate change, chytridiomycosis in amphibians


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