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Persson, Ola P G

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  • My career has focused on understanding atmospheric mesoscale and boundary layer processes associated with extratropical cyclones and, more recently, processes occurring in polar regions impacting the observed polar changes. Achievements include research through applied theoretical work, field measurements/data analysis, and numerical modeling. I have been involved in numerous data collection campaigns, many as chief scientist, using aircraft, ships and land-based sites. These include extratropical cyclone experiments [e.g., Fronts and Atlantic Storm Tracks Experiment (FASTEX, 1996-1997); California Land-Falling Jets Experiment (CALJET, 1998)], Arctic field campaigns [e.g., Surface Heat Budget of the Arctic Ocean (SHEBA, 1997-1998); Arctic Summer Cloud-Ocean Study (ASCOS/AMISA) in 2008], and wind energy assessment of the Pacific Northwest. Applied theory work has included studying conditional symmetric instability and potential vorticity evolution in mesoscale models.


  • mesoscale structure of extratropical cyclones; simulation/theory of conditional symmetric instability; coastal/topographic influences; mesoscale remote sensing; surface fluxes in maritime, high-wind, and polar environments; simulations of maritime and polar boundary layers; polar surface energy budgets; Arctic boundary layer structure; process interactions between clouds, boundary-layer and surface energy fluxes; synoptic and mesoscale disturbances in the Arctic; wind energy assessment


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