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Greenberg, Alan R

Professor Emerita/Emeritus


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  • Professor Greenberg's research interests include polymer science, the mechanical behavior of materials and biomaterials, and the formation, characterization and performance of membranes. His research group has pioneered the development of a number of innovative techniques for non-destructive measurement of material performance. To date such techniques include ultrasonic reflectometry for characterization of membrane phenomena such as fouling, pendant-drop mechanical analysis for the study of degradation mechanisms in interfacially polymerized films, techniques for the simultaneous real-time measurement of mechanical and transport behavior of polymeric thin films and membranes under high-pressure, high-temperature conditions, and a technique termed evapoporometry that determines the pore-size distribution based on evaporative mass loss. The development of these techniques has generated international collaborations, research publications and presentations as well as patents.


  • membrane science and engineering, membrane formation, characterization, and behavior, materials science, polymers, and metallurgy, mechanical behavior of materials, mechanical behavior of biological materials


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