MBAC 6090 - Marketing Management Course uri icon



  • Provides a solid foundation of marketing knowledge by focusing on principles of marketing. Introduces the role that marketing cases play in advancing understanding and skill development in the field of marketing. Case discussions illustrate concepts discussed, and case studies are used to introduce the marketing decision making process. Emphasizes the international nature of marketing, as well as the importance of analysis and the understanding of the economic, demographic, political-legal-regulatory, sociocultural, technological, and natural environments.


  • AndrĂ©, Quentin  
    Primary Instructor - Summer 2021 / Fall 2021 / Summer 2022 / Summer 2023 / Fall 2023
  • Kennedy, Heather  
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Fall 2022
  • McGraw, Peter  
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018