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  • Sona Dimidjian is a real life superwoman. Channeling psychology as her superpower, she fights for global wellness and a better tomorrow — accomplishing more than seems humanly possible for one person. In 13 years at CU Boulder, Sona has served as a professor, lab director, faculty fellow, and member and chair of numerous committees. She has received a multitude of accolades for her valuable research and work in clinical psychology, including faculty service, teaching and research awards from the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience.

    Sona’s service extends beyond CU and improves communities across Colorado and the world. From rural India to urban Colorado, she works with communities to enhance mental health support and wellness. Her internationally recognized body of rigorous scholarship and innovative approach to mental health interventions have established her as a world-renowned clinical psychologist.

    To young scholars, Sona exemplifies a balance between academia and activism — proving that it’s possible to be both a researcher and an advocate. “In Dr. Dimidjian, they see a mentor who is bridging the worlds of research and practice in transformative ways,” said a faculty peer. While some may puzzle over where Sona finds the time and energy for all her professional accomplishments — and wonder if she maybe is Superwoman — at least one colleague thinks he knows the source of her superpowers.

    “I think the answer is that all of her activities are driven by an incredible passion for her work,” said the colleague, “and by the belief that she can make a difference in every realm of her life.”

year awarded

  • 2019