(Rudy, Jerry W - 2009) -- Professor of Distinction uri icon



  • Since joining the faculty in 1980, Professor Rudy has distinguished himself at CU-Boulder and internationally. His research focuses on learning and memory processes as he seeks to understand the complementary contributions the hippocampus and neocortex make to those basic processes, as well as the influence that immune processes have on memory. This work led to a pivotal breakthrough in science’s understanding of the role of the hippocampus. By studying learning and memory processes from several perspectives, including basic experimental work, learning in invertebrates, and the development of learning and memory processes in animals and children, Professor Rudy and a colleague developed the idea that the hippocampus indeed plays a fundamental role in memory.
    Rudy has served as editor of the prominent journal Developmental Psychobiology, and has been on the editorial boards of six international journals including Behavioral Neuroscience and Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews. Seeing a need for updated material, he designed a new course—the “Neurobiology of Learning and Memory”—and wrote a textbook to supplement the course. His full-color textbook, The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, makes key concepts transparent and accessible for students and demonstrates his commitment to science and teaching.

year awarded

  • 2009