(Leong, Daphne - 2013) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogy uri icon



  • An accomplished pianist and chamber musician, Professor Leong is an associate professor of Music Theory and Chair of the Music Theory and Composition Department. Her teaching style has been described by a colleague as “engaging and challenging,” and one classroom observer noted that witnessing Professor Leong’s class was like watching a movie “about a class full of geniuses and their inspiring mentor.”
    The same observer also described the “marvelous rapport” Professor Leong has with her students, stating that students were on the “edges of their seats” and eager to ask and answer questions. Professor Leong’s teaching style is also quite dynamic; during a single class she utilized a stereo system, a piano, an overhead, the chalkboard, and a lectern, all while moving around the classroom space in order to best engage her students. This dynamism explains why Professor Leong is so inspiring to her students and her colleagues.

year awarded

  • 2013