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Maerz, Lara

Teaching Associate Professor and Production Coordinator



courses taught

  • THTR 3045 - Stage Management
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2023
    Covers stage management from the inception of a production concept through the process of mounting aproduction, focusing on the interrelationships of the various artists involved, management and scheduling of time, and the psychology of handling a wide range of personalities.
  • THTR 4059 - Open Topics in Theatre and Drama
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2023
    Covers topics not otherwise listed in the curriculum. Topics for each semester are specified in the online Schedule Planner. May be repeated up to 9 total credit hours.
  • THTR 4085 - Theatre Management
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2022
    Concentrates on theory and practice of management aspects of the performing arts, emphasizing theatre and dance. Includes marketing, budgeting, house and stage management, audience development, grant writing, unions and season development. Includes practical experience. Same as THTR 5085.