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Steeger, Christine

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  • Dr. Steeger’s research interests are in prevention science, developmental psychopathology, parenting, etiology of youth problem behaviors, cannabis use, and individual- and family-based interventions. Her primary research areas include: 1) individual, family, and other social-ecological risk and protective factors that may contribute to healthy youth development or development of externalizing, internalizing, and substance use problem behaviors; 2) translation of basic research into applied preventive intervention programs for youth and their families; and, 3) rigorous methodological evaluation standards for designing and analyzing interventions. Dr. Steeger also has research interests in the health effects of cannabis, cannabis potency, methods of administration, and measurement.


  • prevention research, youth problem behaviors, risk and protective factors, executive functioning, cannabis research, parenting and family processes, individual- and family-based interventions, intervention design and analysis, quantitative data analytic methods


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