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Bustamante, Heidi Margarita

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research overview

  • The primary research expertise lies within studying the different assessment techniques and in-class tools and activities and how this can enhance and improve student learning in the sciences. In the past several years studies have been done in collaboration with other faculty in the Integrative Physiology department with regard to student retention and the process of learning difficult science topics. These studies looked at the effectiveness of various in-class tools like worksheet activities, iClicker questions, and discussion questions. Learning gains were measured using pre/post testing and analyzed using appropriate statistical analysis. Currently, work on this topic continues but has been expanded to include the introduction of case-studies across several of our courses.


courses taught

  • IPHY 3400 - Nutrition for IPHY Majors
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Focuses on the science of nutrition, reviewing the basic anatomy, physiology and chemistry of nutrition. Concepts will focus on what the body needs for proper nutrition, how they are obtained, absorbed and processed by the body. Studies will expand to include the following: diet types, nutrition during life stages (i.e. pregnancy), different disease states and real world applications. Recommended prerequisite: IPHY 3410. Degree credit not granted for this course and IPHY 2420.
  • IPHY 3410 - Introduction to Human Anatomy
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Summer 2018 / Spring 2019 / Summer 2019 / Summer 2020 / Summer 2021
    Explores the cells, tissues, and organs that compose the different anatomical systems including integumentary, skeletal, muscular, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, urinary and reproductive. Recommended prerequisite: EBIO 1220.
  • IPHY 3415 - Human Anatomy Laboratory
    Teaching Assistant - Fall 2022
    Introduces structures of the human anatomical systems using human cadavers and animal tissue. This laboratory is meant to complement IPHY 3410. Same as IPHY 3417.
  • IPHY 3430 - Human Physiology
    Primary Instructor - Summer 2018 / Summer 2019 / Fall 2019 / Spring 2021 / Summer 2021 / Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 / Summer 2022 / Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 / Summer 2023 / Spring 2024
    Introduces the physiology of the endocrine, nervous, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, urinary, digestive, reproductive and immune systems. Each system will be integrated into the larger contexts of homeostasis and adaptation during pathology and challenges. Students must enroll in lecture and recitation sections. Degree credit not granted for this course and IPHY 3470. Recommended prerequisite: IPHY 3415.
  • IPHY 3470 - Human Physiology 1
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Spring 2019 / Spring 2020
    Focuses on scientific thinking, cell physiology, neurophysiology, endocrinology, immunology and musculoskeletal physiology. The first semester of a two-semester sequence for IPHY and NRSC majors only. Department enforced requisites: one year of general biology (lecture and lab); statistics equivalen. Recommended course: IPHY 3415. Degree credit not granted for this course and IPHY 3430. Those who took IPHY 3430 prior to becoming IPHY major, will only receive credit for IPHY 3470.
  • IPHY 3480 - Human Physiology 2
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Summer 2018 / Spring 2019 / Summer 2019 / Fall 2019 / Spring 2020 / Summer 2020 / Fall 2020 / Spring 2021
    Focuses on the physiology of the respiratory, cardiovascular, urinary, digestive and reproductive systems. The second semester of a two-semester sequence for IPHY and NRSC majors. Department enforced prerequisites: one year of general biology (lecture + lab) and one year of general chemistry (lecture + lab); IPHY 3410. Recommended prerequisite: IPHY 3415, and recommended corequisite: IPHY 3435.
  • IPHY 4010 - Seminar in Integrative Physiology
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018 / Fall 2019 / Summer 2020
    Introduces a small group of students to current research topics in integrative physiology, evaluation of current research and discussion of critical issues. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours when topics vary. Department enforced prerequisite: IPHY 2800 or equivalent.
  • IPHY 4300 - Pathophysiology of Disease
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2021 / Spring 2022 / Spring 2023 / Spring 2024
    Uses case studies to explore various disease states of the organ systems within the body and the underlying mechanisms that contribute to the manifestations of these diseases. Additionally, students will examine the importance of epidemiology in the understanding of disease as well as discuss infectious disease, and the role of genetics in congenital defects and cancer.
  • IPHY 4930 - Internship
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2018 / Fall 2018 / Spring 2019 / Spring 2020 / Fall 2020 / Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 / Fall 2022
    Provides an opportunity for field/laboratory work in a variety of different settings. Consult with faculty for approval. May be repeated up to 6 total credit hours. Department enforced prerequisite: completion of at least two of the major core classes.


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