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Tierney, Kathleen


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  • Dr. Tierney is the director of the Natural Hazards Center at CU Boulder. The Center serves as a clearinghouse for social science knowledge on hazards, disasters, and risk; conducts research on a variety of topics in those areas; and provides training for the next generation of hazards and disaster research. Dr. Tierney's research focuses on the sociological dimensions of hazards and disasters and on disaster loss reduction policies and practices. She also engages in collaborative projects in which researchers from different disciplines explore disaster- and hazard-related topics. Dr. Tierney teaches an undergraduate course entitled 'Hazards, Disasters, and Society' and graduate courses on disaster research, qualitative methods, and qualitative data analysis.


  • Societal dimensions of hazards, disasters, and risk, qualitative and field research


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  • SOCY 7121 - Qualitative Analysis
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2018
    Drawing on data gathered through participation, observation and in-depth interviewing, students focus on developing theoretical analyses and exploring classical and post-modern ethnographic writing formats. Students present and revise their papers as well as review journal articles. Department enforced prerequisite: SOCY 6121.


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