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Van Vuuren, Sarel

Assoc Research Professor


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  • Dr. Van Vuuren designs and optimizes artificial intelligence (AI) inspired technologies that automate human activities, human interaction, and human communication to increase effectiveness, efficiency, ease-of-use, and access. His interests range from computational modeling to entrepreneurial application. To advance basic research, he collaborates with clinicians and researchers to study, modulate, model, and analyze, specific clinical, engineering, and cognitive factors that affect learning, perception and communication. To advance design and development, he leverages innovations in speech and natural language processing, linguistics, AI and machine learning, deep learning, data science, computer graphics, and web and mobile services. Recent contributions include development of virtual clinicians and interventions for web and mobile treatment of aphasia. The virtual clinicians are lifelike three-dimensional agents with accurate visual speech and affective expressions.


  • computer science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, virtual assistants, neural networks, deep learning, data analytics, statistics, speech processing, e-learning, telerehabilitation and telemedicine, e-health, learning and memory, speech therapy, language therapy, aphasia, neuro-cognitive disorders, cognitive disability, mobile applications, web services, assistive technology, entrepreneurship


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