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Rosse, Joseph G

Professor and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research - Research Integrity and Compliance


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  • At the broadest level, Dr. Rosse's research interests involve the integration of organizational science theories and research--through both field research and application--with organizational practice. Professor Rosse has particular interests in job satisfaction and in employee hiring systems. In the area of job satisfaction he is particularly interested in how people react to being dissatisfied at work, and what organizations can do to both reduce dissatisfaction and to encourage positive responses to the problems that employees encounter. In the area of employee selection, much of his work has focused on developing improved hiring systems for smaller businesses and organizations with less well developed internal HR functions. Both interests coalesce in studies of employee counter-productive behavior, both as driven by job dissatisfaction and as predicted by enhanced hiring systems.


  • Employee selection, employee hiring, employee job satisfaction, employee turnover, employee retention, counterproductive employee behavior


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