MCDB 1234 - Skills Center: Modular Laboratory of Modern Molecular Biology Skills Course uri icon



  • Dedicated to teaching students fundamental laboratory skills in modern molecular biology. The skills are updated on a rolling basis in consultation with MCDB faculty and local Pharma/Biotech companies in an effort to provide students with real world skills that can help them transition from a traditional lab course environment to a more independent research environment. Credit hours are determined according to the Colorado Department of Higher Education guidelines such that 12.5 module hours equals one university credit hour. Students can mix and match various skills to receive one or more university credit hours and students who successfully complete a module are given a certificate recognizing their competency.


  • Stowell, Michael  
    Primary Instructor - Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 / Summer 2022 / Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 / Summer 2023 / Fall 2023