HIST 4349 - Decolonization of the British Empire uri icon



  • Examines the end of the British Empire. Focuses on connections between imperial territories, such as networks of anticolonial activists and links between British decision makers. Students will acquire research skills and develop a better understanding of the roots of contemporary conflict. Prior coursework in British imperial history and excellent writing skills are required. Recommended prerequisite: HIST 1123 or HIST 1228 or HIST 1308 or HIST 1528 or HIST 4053 or HIST 4238 or HIST 4258 or HIST 4328 or HIST 4329 or HIST 4338 or HIST 4339 or HIST 4538 or HIST 4548 or HIST 4558. Same as HIST 5349.


  • Chester, Lucy P  
    Primary Instructor - Spring 2020 / Spring 2021 / Fall 2022