GEOL 5612 - Techniques in Organic Geochemistry Course uri icon



  • Explores the techniques in analytical chemistry and organic geochemistry for the study of lipid biomarkers in the environment, which include the following topics: a) Extraction of environmental samples and separation of lipid classes; b) Analysis of apolar lipids using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS); c) Determine the stable isotope composition of lipids using GC-isotope ratio-MS (GC-IR-MS); d) Analysis of polar lipids using high performance liquid chromatography-MS (HPLC-MS). Requires previous coursework in general chemistry and Organic Geochemistry. Recommended prerequisites: Introductory or advanced courses in organic chemistry, biochemistry, biogeochemistry, geochemistry, geomicrobiology, paleoclimate, or geology.