(Correll, Nikolaus J - 2022) -- Open Educator Award uri icon



  • Nikolaus Correll, an associate professor in Computer Science, Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering Sciences, is honored this year for his creation and adoption of an openly available textbook titled Introduction to Autonomous Robots. He was driven to create the text as he discovered that there are few textbooks intended for undergraduates in the emerging field of Robotics. The textbook began as the transformation of Correll’s lecture notes into book form and, over the span of ten years, has grown to be a collaboration with several colleagues and contributors, including Alessandro Roncone, Christoffer Heckman, Bradley Hayes as well as students. The book, available on github, has attracted the attention of fellow educators as well as thousands of hobbyists and programmers worldwide, who have forked the book and 'starred' it on Github. Beginning in 2022, the textbook will be available through MIT Press with an open license.

year awarded

  • 2022