(Lehnert, Konrad W - 2020) -- Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship uri icon



  • JILA Fellow Konrad Lehnert has been awarded the Vannevar Bush Faculty Fellowship, the Department of Defense’s most prestigious single-investigator award. With up to $3 million in funding, the VBFF is a five-year fellowship which supports basic research with the potential for transformative impact. Lehnert’s proposed research aims to understand and quantum control phonons, the quantum packets of sound. While physicists have explored quantum control of light for new computers and electronics, sound waves behave quite differently than light waves, and in ways that could advance quantum information science. Sound is a hundred thousand times slower than light, so it can be used to create multiple modes in a smaller cavity—which could be used to store and process information on a smaller chip. Lehnert’s research group explores phonons’ potential for quantum computing, information processing, information security, and sensing.

year awarded

  • 2020