(Newlands, Carole E. - 2019) -- Distinguished Professorship uri icon



  • Distinguished professors are faculty members who demonstrate exemplary performance in research or creative work, a record of excellence in classroom teaching and supervision of individual learning, and outstanding service to the profession, the university and its affiliates.
    The CU campuses nominate faculty for the award, the highest honor bestowed upon faculty across the system's four campuses. President Mark Kennedy then reviews the nominations and, with the recommendation of the Distinguished Professors Committee, forwards the candadates' names to the Board of Regents.

    At CU Boulder since 2009, Newlands is a scholar of Latin literature and culture whose sophisticated, creative and pioneering explorations and interpretations have established her as one of the world’s finest Latinists. With a research focus on imperial Latin literature and reception studies, Newlands has revealed important elements of Flavian and Augustan culture that had been misunderstood and underappreciated.
    She has received many prestigious teaching appointments, including the Visiting NEH Professor of Classics at the University of Richmond, and the Fellowship in the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton University. Through her scholarship, books and mentorship, Newlands’ impact has been recognized as being central in the shaping of a rising generation of Latinists.

year awarded

  • 2019