(Schneider, Nick - 2017) -- Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal - GSFC AHA uri icon



  • Nicholas Schneider is the lead scientist on the LASP-built Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) riding on NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft, which arrived at Mars in 2014. Schneider and his LASP colleagues made a number of important discoveries with IUVS during the MAVEN missions. The first scientific observations by IUVS recorded the aftermath of an intense meteor shower over Mars caused by a passing comet.
    Schneider’s research interests are in the origin and evolution of planetary atmospheres, planetary astronomy, space physics, instrumentation, scientific visualization, and science education reform. His current primary focus is Mars and the evolution of its atmosphere. He maintains an active program focused on the physics of planetary magnetospheres, particularly the interactions between planetary plasmas and the satellites of the outer planets. He is a co-investigator on the European Space Agency “JUICE” mission to the Jupiter system, a co-investigator on the Mars Express mission associated with the SPICAM instrument team, and is a guest investigator on the Hisaki mission studying UV emissions from the Jupiter-Io system.

year awarded

  • 2017