(Escamilla, Kathy M - 2016) -- Robert L. Stearns Award uri icon



  • Professor Escamilla‚Äôs research centers on educational issues related to Spanish-speaking students in U.S. schools. She is specifically interested in issues related to the development of bilingualism and biliteracy in early elementary grades. Her recent research has examined assessment practices and the impact of high stakes testing on these students. As project director of the BUENO Center (Bilinguals United for Education and New Opportunities) in the School of Education, she works to facilitate equal educational opportunities for culturally and linguistically diverse students as well as students with special needs.
    Escamilla is a member of numerous professional organizations in education and has served two terms as the president of the National Association for Bilingual Education. She has recently been appointed co-editor of the Bilingual Research Journal and has served as the chairperson of the Bilingual Special Interest Group for the American Education Research Association. She is on the Colorado Department of Education steering committee for educational issues relating to Limited-English-proficient students.

year awarded

  • 2016