(Anderson, Bob - 2015) -- Distinguished Professorship uri icon



  • Professor Anderson specializes in geomorphology—the mechanics and chemistry of processes operating at the Earth’s surface, and the landscapes that result from those processes. Although he is interested in the entire spectrum of processes on Earth’s surface, his most recent work focuses on the roles of rivers and glaciers in modifying large-scale landscapes. In most cases his research projects involve both field work (mapping and instrumentation) and computer modeling.
    Anderson was awarded the Hazel Barnes Prize at CU Boulder in 2014 and was elected an American Geophysical Union fellow in 2006. He has published 125 peer-reviewed journal articles and written three books, including The Little Book of Geomorphology: Exercising the Principle of Conservation, which he has made available at no cost for student and teacher use. In addition to teaching several courses yearly, he is a fellow of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, where he has led research on glaciation, bedrock incision, geochronology, sand transport and numerous other geomorphic subjects.

year awarded

  • 2015