(Forbes, Graeme R - 2017) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work uri icon



  • A well-respected expert in the field of linguistic intensionality, Graeme Forbes works mainly in semantics, metaphysics and logic. His book Attitude Problems (2006) presents an original account of the power of intensional transitive verbs such as “want,” “seek,” “imagine” and “worship” to structure human beings’ mental lives. Forbes offers a theory of how such verbs work that draws on ideas from natural language semantics, the philosophy of language and aesthetics.
    Professor Forbes is also the author of a widely used logic textbook, Modern Logic (first edition 1994), which has been called a “rigorous but accessible” introduction to elementary logic. He has held research fellowships at New College, Oxford, and Edinburgh University.

year awarded

  • 2017