(Eggert, Katherine - 2016) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service uri icon



  • A contributor to various aspects of campus life for the past 25 years, Professor Eggert has served two terms as chair of the English department and is currently director of the Center for British and Irish Studies. She has been an active participant in the Academic Review and Planning Advisory Committee, where she helped redesign the process for evaluating academic programs.
    Over a three-year period, her vision helped shape what is now the College of Media, Communication and Information, and she has served on numerous search committees, advisory boards and steering committees on campus. As a renowned scholar of English Renaissance literature, she has served as a leader in that international community. Eggert has brought the prestigious journal The Spenser Review into the electronic age, a project that also compelled her to rewrite what she calls “the truly terrible Wikipedia articles on Spenser and his works.”

award or honor for

  • Eggert, Katherine   Senior Vice Provost for Academic Planning and Assessment, and Professor

year awarded

  • 2016