(Thayer, Jeffrey P - 2016) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work uri icon



  • Professor Thayer’s broad and important research in the general area of atmospheric and space science has greatly contributed to our understanding of phenomena associated with the coupling between the sun and near-earth space environments, including atmospheric electricity, dynamics, clouds and aerosols. His fundamental contributions have arisen from innovative combinations of theoretical approaches with numerical modeling, experiments and data analysis techniques; moreover, he has developed and applied some novel instruments. His cutting-edge work to advance his field has extended to a community leadership role in the field of solar-terrestrial coupling.
    As director of the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research, Thayer has overseen its “capacity to go from cradle to grave of an entire space mission.” His expertise, combined with that of CCAR’s other knowledgeable staff, has resulted in a close involvement with major governmental panels, such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and NASA missions.

year awarded

  • 2016