(Rogers, Charles - 2016) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogy uri icon



  • A beloved teacher in the Physics Department for some 24 years, Chuck Rogers excels in a department known for its teaching excellence. Paul Beale, the department chair, writes that Rogers has “distinguished himself as an outstanding classroom teacher, curricular innovator and effective research mentor. He has gone far out of his way to introduce innovations into his classes, and many students over the years have told me he was their favorite CU professor.”
    Rogers was one of the early leaders in a curricular and pedagogical transformation that has reshaped physics education. He is a leader in employing Concept Tests in a peer-learning environment and has pioneered the use of Socratic methods tailored to large classroom environments. He was an early advocate of clicker technology to make peer interaction more immediately available in the classroom. He has had, writes Beale, “a profound effect on teaching pedagogy in our department.” Rogers breathed new life into the engineering physics program, transforming it into what is today a robust and popular option. He has likewise modernized many of the department’s laboratory courses. He uses humor to draw students into the discussion and recognizes the importance of enthusiasm in reaching his students.'

year awarded

  • 2016