(Martin, Andrew - 2016) -- President's Teaching Scholar uri icon



  • Andrew Martin is an innovative, highly effective educator who helps faculty in his department and beyond to transform teaching by encouraging experimentation to better engage students. He has sponsored and led several workshops on various teaching techniques, emphasizing the need to collect and analyze data about such changes. Martin mentors graduate, undergraduate and high school students in his laboratory. He also brings his expertise into the community, leading outreach activities with teachers from the Boulder Valley School District and others.
    An outstanding evolutionary biologist with a rich publication record and strong track record in acquiring grant funding, Martin designs and undertakes research in the field of evolutionary genetics, working to assemble evolutionary trees that are used to test ecological hypotheses. These methods in turn help address conservation concerns about endangered species, such as the desert pupfish and greenback cutthroat trout, by providing valuable insight into the composition of microbial communities.

year awarded

  • 2016