(Schneider, Nick - 2010) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogy uri icon



  • A member of the CU-Boulder faculty since 1989, Professor Schneider is widely praised both by his peers for his systematic and rigorously scientific approach to teaching and by his students for his engaging and effective teaching style. Professor Schneider’s research interests span planetary atmospheres and astronomy, space physics, instrumentation, and scientific visualization, with particular focus on ground-based and space-based observations of the Jupiter/ Io system. He is involved with CU’s mission to Mars: MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile EvolutioN) and is the science lead for the Imaging UltraViolet Spectrograph to be built at LASP and launched in 2013.
    Professor Schneider is a leader in science education reform who continually strives to enrich the educational experience for students. He has had a tremendous impact on how planetary science is taught beyond his own classroom through the groundbreaking textbook he co-wrote called The Cosmic Perspective. This student-friendly text engages students’ interest through novel material that focuses on human achievement, astronomy, physics, and dynamic systems that sustain life. Professor Schneider changed the traditional approach to teaching planetary science, revamping the content and organization of the subject to make the material more interesting to learn and thus more valuable to students.

year awarded

  • 2010