(Mills, Claudia - 2009) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Teaching and Pedagogy uri icon



  • Professor Mills is one of the most highly regarded teachers in the Department of Philosophy. She is recognized for her ability to make her classes entertaining learning experiences while maintaining academic rigor, conceptual sophistication, and philosophical content. A gifted storyteller, Mills uses humor to explain and to illustrate philosophical theses, helping students understand difficult material.
    Beyond her exceptional work within the CU-Boulder academic community, Professor Mills has also been successful outside CU’s boundaries, developing a flourishing writing career. In addition to her many scholarly articles, she is the author of more than 40 children’s books, for which she has received numerous writing awards. She enjoys using children’s literature in the philosophy classroom. When she teaches Nietzsche in her introductory ethics class, she reads aloud the picture-book classic The Rainbow Fish and then leads a discussion with her students on why Nietzsche would not have liked the book. Her research interests focus on ethical questions regarding the family, such as the rise in the use of behavior-altering medications for children, conflicts between parents and non-parents in the workplace, and intercultural adoption.

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  • 2009