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  • Professor Hall is widely regarded by students and colleagues as an exceptional teacher who is helping to build society’s knowledge in sociolinguistics, particularly the role of language in the construction of identity. Aside from being an outstanding classroom instructor, Hall is an intellectual force in her department’s curriculum. In addition to revamping their key undergraduate curriculum, she has created a new graduate certificate program, CLASP (Culture, Language and Social Practice), which is an interdisciplinary program offering courses that deepen and broaden students’ understanding of the sociocultural and sociopolitical aspects of language.
    Hall teaches the popular undergraduate courses “Language and U.S. Society” and “Language and Gender, ”as well as offering graduate courses in sociolinguistics and advising doctoral students. Her research focuses on issues of language and social identity in India and the United States. Among her publications are the co-edited volumes Gender Articulated: Language and the Socially Constructed Self and Queerly Phrases: Language, Gender, and Sexuality, plus two published volumes on the life and work of Hindi poet and linguist Ved Prakash Vatuk.

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  • 2009