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  • An expert in the fields of constitutional theory, legal interpretation, economics and the law, tort law, legal philosophy, and the aesthetics of law, Professor Schlag teaches seminars on constitutional law, jurisprudence, ethics, and contemporary legal theory. He has published numerous articles in the most prestigious journals in his field, including Harvard Law Review, Stanford Law Review, Michigan Law Review, and UCLA Law Review. He served as Associate Dean for Research from 2005–2007. Currently, he is the Bryon R. White Professor of Law and Chair of the Byron R. White Center for the Study of American Constitutional Law.
    Professor Schlag is the co-author of a handbook on legal argument, Tactics of Legal Reasoning. In his two single-author books, The Enchantment of Reason and Laying Down the Law, together with Against the Law, co-authored with two of his law school colleagues, Professor Schlag mounts a sustained challenge to some of the basic intellectual assumptions of the legal profession, including the notion that the law is a rational system. His provocative work—which has been translated into six languages—has earned Professor Schlag a reputation as “the great iconoclast of the American legal academy.”

award or honor for

  • Schlag, Pierre  Distinguished Professor and the Byron R. White Professor of Constitutional Law

year awarded

  • 2012