(Chen, Yongmin - 2015) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work uri icon



  • Professor Chen is regarded as a leading scholar in the field of industrial organization, which studies how firms organize themselves, set the price of their products, determine the quality of their products and innovate. Chen has made major contributions in three areas. First, he pioneered dynamic price theory, in which a firm sets different prices to different consumers based on their purchase histories. Second, he developed a theoretical explanation of the relationship between economic development and intellectual property protection in developing countries and offered new insights into the optimal design of such protection. And third, he identified new conditions under which a vertical merger may raise or lower consumer prices. This area of research in particular has influenced policy makers involved in antitrust enforcement.
    During his distinguished career, Chen has frequently been invited to give seminars—nearly 150 in all—on his research at universities and other institutions both nationally and internationally. As befits a distinguished scholar, Chen has also held a number of editorial positions at prestigious journals in his field.

year awarded

  • 2015