(Braider, Christopher - 2015) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work uri icon



  • An interdisciplinary scholar, Professor Braider has deep and abiding knowledge of literary history, the history of philosophy and the history of the visual arts. His linguistic competencies range across several languages and traditions. He has written important essays in philosophy (on Descartes), art history (on Poussin) and literature (French theater of the 17th century). His work is illuminating and original in ways that generate new approaches and insights. A productive scholar, Braider has published four major books by leading university presses in the last two decades, as well as 26 refereed or invited articles in major journals. He is considered one of the top scholars in the United States working in early modern French and European culture.
    His most recent book, The Matter of Mind, explores the assumption that Descartes profoundly shaped all modern thought by positing his mind body dualism. The Matter of Mind won the Modern Language Association Prize in the field of French and Francophone Studies in 2012. Braider’s current project, Experimental Selves, offers a new perspective on the mind/body problem in 17th-century France.

year awarded

  • 2015