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  • Professor O’Loughlin is internationally recognized for his work on the complex political geography of the former Soviet Union, as he studies the geopolitical tensions between Russia and the Ukraine and explores the role of Eurasian quasi-states and the rise of ethno-territorial nationalisms. His research helps us to understand one of the world’s most conflicted regions, one that poses challenges to the world as a whole. In addition, he has published on the diffusion of democracy, electoral geography, the geography of conflict, and the political geography of Nazi Germany. Dedicated to teaching, O’Loughlin is known not only for his advanced courses on these specialized topics but also for energizing and engaging students in introductory geography classes.
    Professor O’Loughlin is editor of Political Geography and serves on the advisory committee of CU-Boulder’s international affairs undergraduate program. In 2004, O’Loughlin received a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship for his study of the Ukraine’s new borders and geopolitics. In recognition of his creative research and potential contributions to society, he has twice been awarded a highly competitive Boulder Faculty Fellowship, and he received a Boulder Faculty Assembly Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly, and Creative Work in 2001.

year awarded

  • 2008