(Kawin, Bruce F - 2014) -- BFA Award for Excellence in Research, Scholarly and Creative Work uri icon



  • In the 1970s, when Professor Kawin started his career, film studies as a field had barely begun. His book Telling It Again and Again: Repetition in Literature and Film, and his equally ground-breaking follow-up book, Mindscreen: Bergman, Godard and First Person Film, helped the field take off and earned him a reputation as one of film studies’ founders. Among his many achievements in film studies, one stands out—his Short History of the Movies, a book that must be characterized as a monumental work of film scholarship, now in its 11th edition. Every page of this book features his own analysis and interpretation of the history of film. Professor Kawin is considered the world’s leading authority on the novelist William Faulkner’s ill-fated career as a Hollywood screenwriter. His recently published book, Horror and the Horror Film, draws upon his years of teaching the genre of the horror film at CU-Boulder.
    In 2012, Professor Kawin published his first book of poems, Love If We Can Stand It. One theme unifies all his writing: a passion for explaining how narrative art truly works.

year awarded

  • 2014